ISSN: 2277-5277

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Pages: 303


Joint Editors:  Dr. Jyotirekha Hazarika, Pallwabee Duaraha

Pages: 3-7 | First Published: September 2019

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Negitiating Cultural Ecology: An Ecocritical Trajectory into Mamang Dai's Poetry

Bishnu Charan Dash, Ananta Dash

Pages: 13-20

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Women's Education as a Site of Self-formation: Understanding India Miri's Moi Aru NEFA

Lakhipriya Gogoi, Kishor Goswami

Pages: 21-29

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The Aesthetics of Growth of North-eastern Women: Retorts, Representations and Resemblances

Abhilash Kaushik

Pages: 30-36

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Role of Women Elected Representatives in Rural Self-Government: A Study of South Assam

Debotosh Chakraborty, Biswabijoy Bhattacharjee

Pages: 37-46

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Uses of Ethno Medicinal Plants by Tea Tribes of Assam for Women Reproductive Health: A case study among Adivasi Community of Tinguri Tea Belt Area of Tinsukia District, Assam

Dulu moni Das

Pages: 47-56

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Female Labour Force Participation in Agricultural Activities: An Analysis of Socio-Economic Survey of wetlands of Assam

Nazneen Ara Hoque, Archana Sharma

Pages: 57-67

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Nurturing the 'Domestic' in the 'Nation': 'Joymati Utsav' and Sisterhood in Assam

Krisha Das

Pages: 68-77

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Jonmoni D. Shira: Women, Christianity and Matrilineal tradition

Sliba Rangsa Marak

Pages: 78-85

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Women's Body as the Site of Violence: A Critical Reading of Temsila Ao's Short Story 'The Last Song'

Munmi Bora

Pages: 86-92

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Ecocritical and Ecological Concerns in Literature by North East Indian Women: A Reading of Selected Poems of Mamang Dai

Maitreya Rajan Mahanta, Anwesha Gogoi

Pages: 93-99

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Indegenious Traditional Knowledge of the Women's of Kaibartta Community of Assam about the application of Phytoremedies in primary health care

Kalyan Das

Pages: 100-108

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Documenting the Chakma Women's Experiences: From the Chittagong Hill Tracts to North-East Frontier Agency (Tracks)

Partha Pratim Baruah, Bikash Deka, Pulakesh Das

Pages: 109-120

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Resisting Streotypes, Countering Violence-An Analytical Study of Selected Women Joyrnalists of India's North-East

Darshana Goswami

Pages: 121-128

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Juxtaposition of Myth, Ethnicity and Religion: A Study of Mamang Dai's River Poems

Rijumoni Gogoi

Pages: 129-137

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Food as Gendered Text: An Analysis from Visual Media

Moyuree Gogoi, Mandakini Baruah

Pages: 138-144

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Representation of Women in Temsula Ao's These Hills called Home: Stories from a War Zone

Nayan Jyoti Hazarika

Pages: 145-152

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Economic Independence of Elderly Females in North-East India: A Statistical Review

Bagsmrita Bhagawati

Pages: 153-162

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'Beti Padhao'-A Reality of Fantasy! Reference to Northeast India

Debahuti Bora, Bidyutt Bikash Hazarika, Pratiksha Goswami

Pages: 163-171

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Perception of Female Students over Select Factors Capable of Influencing Entrepreneurial Intention: An Empirical Study

Kingshuk Adhikari, Ankita Ghosh

Pages: 172-185

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Decoding the Cinema of Rajni Basumatari: Thematic Concern and Perspectives

Jushna Baruah

Pages: 186-193

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Role of Financial Institutional Support for Women's Participation in Non-Farm Sector: A Case Study of Barak Valey in Assam

Tapa Kar, Niranjan Roy

Pages: 194-203

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Subalterns in the Anti-British Struggle: Analysing the contribution of Mangri Orang

Biraj Jyoti Kalita, Rajib Handique

Pages: 204-210

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Status of Women Education in North East India

A. Pushpalata Singh

Pages: 211-219

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Status of Women in Assam: A district wise analysis

Arati Bharali

Pages: 220-228

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Changing Landscape and Changing Gender Roles - Case of a Tribal Village in Assam

Minakshi Phookan Hazarika, Daisy Rani Hazarika

Pages: 229-238

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অসমত ভাষাবৈজ্ঞানিক চিন্তা-চৰ্চাৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত অসমীয়া মহিলা লেখকৰ স্থিতি

পাপুমণি হাজৰিকা

Pages: 241-255

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নিৰ্মলপ্ৰভা বৰদলৈৰ কবিতাত লোকজীৱনৰ প্ৰতিফলন : এক বিশ্লেষনাত্মক অধ্য়য়ন

গীতিমণি হাটীমূৰীয়া

Pages: 256-262

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'বৰ সাহাব ওংবী সানাতম্বী' উপন্য়াসত প্ৰতিফলিত মণিপুৰী নাৰীৰ সামাজিক স্থিতি

এন. তামনা সিংহ

Pages: 263-270

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ৰামধেনু যুগৰ মহিলা গল্পকাৰ

প্ৰাপ্তি ঠাকুৰ

Pages: 271-279

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তিনিগৰাকী মহিলা পৰিচালকৰ অসমীয়া চলচ্চিত্ৰ : দৃষ্টিভংগী আৰু সম্ভাৱনা

চয়নিকা বৰা

Pages: 280-289

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ইৰম শৰ্মিলা : উত্তৰ-পূৱ ভাৰতৰ এক প্ৰতিবাদী সত্তা

বৰ্ণালী বৰা

Pages: 290-296

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উত্তৰ ঔপনিৱেশিক প্ৰেক্ষাপটত আৰাধনা পটংগীয়া গোস্বামীৰ দুৰ্গী উপন্য়াসৰ উপনিৱেশিত নাৰীৰ শোষণ আৰু বৰ্ণবৈষম্য়

উৎপল মেচ

Pages: 297-303

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