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(ISSN: 2277-5277)


J.B. College Women Cell, Jagannath Barooah College (Autonomous), Jorhat, Assam invites papers from interested persons from varied disciplines for the forthcoming issue of its Peer-Reviewed Research Journal, “SROTASWINI” VOL-V (ISSN NO 2277- 5277) to be published by December, 2021. The journal is open for papers by academicians, professionals, students and also for articles of ongoing research for M.Phil and Ph.D. scholars, from all disciplines that focuses on issues related to women. Bilingual in nature, articles written in either of the two languages, English and Assamese will be accepted.

MAIN THEME for Volume - V:


The North-Eastern region of India is a land of great cultural and ethnic diversity; one of the most beautiful regions of India boasting of immense natural beauty and biodiversity. The status of women in North East India is comparatively better than that of mainstream India and since ancient times women have been playing a vital role in contributing to the peace and progress of the region. Many inspirational women from the region have been pioneers and leaders, breaking gender barriers and making considerable progress in diverse fields such as Education, Politics, Sports, Science, Culture, and Literature. They are playing vital roles in socio-economic development and have been able to accelerate the pace of economic development through entrepreneurship and micro-entrepreneurship. In this context, the forthcoming issue of the journal intends to document the inspirational contribution of women of North East India in varied fields of development including women empowerment.


  • Role of Tribal /Ethnic Women of North East India in the socio-economic scenario.
  • North Eastern women in the field of Education.
  • Status of women from North East India in Politics.
  • Status of North-Eastern women in the field of sports.
  • Role of women of the North East in the field of Art and Culture.
  • Women of North East India in the field of music.
  • Women of North East India in the world of cinema.
  • North-East India’s women scientists.
  • North Eastern Women writers’ contribution to scientific literature.
  • North Eastern women and media.
  • Contribution of Women writers from North East India in the field of language and literature.
  • Contribution to Assamese literature by women writers of different tribes/ethnic groups.
  • Any other article related to the main theme.

Timelines:  Paper submission deadline: 10th Nov. 2021

Submission of Manuscript:   Authors/contributors are requested to submit the final paper/article electronically via email. The Email Id for submission is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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